Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Khilafah is not a Totalitarian State

 This map shows the Islamic Khilafah during the first century of its rule. Despite the number of countries under its domain with their existing languages, traditions, religions, customs, laws and cultures, Islam was successful in moulding these disparate people in to one unified society within a very short period of time.

Unlike the oppressive Byzantine Empire of the time, the Khilafah did not achieve this through tyranny and ruling with an iron fist. The peoples the Khilafah governed embraced Islam en masse and wholeheartedly supported and welcomed the rule of the Islamic State.

This book will refute in detail the claim made by Bush, Blair and others that the Khilafah ruling system is an oppressive, fascist, totalitarian state on par with Nazi Germany.

Download the full book here (PDF)

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