Sunday, 23 September 2012

Democracy is a system of Kufr. It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it

by Abdul Qadeem Zalloom
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A debate is currently taking place in the Muslim world on whether democracy is against Islam or not. With Islamic parties taking power in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt this debate has intensified as these parties attempt to justify their actions. In addition to this some people are actively promoting Erdogan's secular-democratic Turkish regime as a role model for governments post Arab spring.
Much of the debate on Islam and democracy is based on pragmatic thinking rather than the Islamic way of thinking. The correct approach to the question of whether democracy contradicts Islam or not is to study the reality of democracy in depth and then study the Islamic texts of Qur'an and Sunnah for an answer.
This book written on the 3rd Dhul-Qida 1410AH, 27th May 1990 by the late Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom (May Allah have mercy on him) follows such an approach and shows that democracy far from being a model for Muslims is in fact a system of kufr that is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for

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